Argazkigintza eta kazetaritza - Photography and Journalism - Fotografía y periodismo

Biorako BioI was born in Tolosa (Gipuzkoa, Basque Country), and my parents gave me the name of Mikel. I’ve been living in several places; just for the sake of argument, one of them has been Edinburgh (Scotland); nowadays I live in Pasaia, in the same Basque province I was born.

In these years, I’ve done quite a lot of things; amongst them I studied an Information Sciences degree, wich has nothing to do with computing. It’s about journalism and this kind of communication. Since I finished those studies, I’ve been working on TV and radio broadcasting, as well as on-line and printed newspapers. I’ve fulfilled several rolls in those companies, i.e. writer, scriptwriter, producer, editor and photographer.

In fact, lately I’m mostly involved in the photography field; more precisely, in the documentary and the photojournalism areas. Despite I honestly don’t think that one image is a thousand words worth; I truly believe that by using photography, stories can be told in a very moving and exciting fashion, and furthermore when image and word are put together.